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Lights, Camera, Advertise: Best Super Bowl Commercials 2024

Sunday night football became a little more interesting last night after major players like Google Pixel, Verizon, Uber Eats, and T-Mobile stole the spotlight during this year’s commercial breaks for Super Bowl LVIII brought to you by the National Football League.

These leading companies truly grasp the immense power of advertising in captivating the audience’s attention. The Super Bowl delivered a multitude of commercials featuring A-list stars like Dan Levy, Tina Fey, Ben Affleck, and Bradley Cooper.

With an estimated audience of over 100 million viewers, Super Bowl commercials are among the most expensive ($7 million for a spot featured) and highly coveted slots for advertisers to showcase their brand. And this year’s advertisements certainly lived up to their high expectations, delivering memorable moments that resonated with audiences nationwide.

Here at Rescue Marketing, our team has compiled a list of standout commercials from Super Bowl 58!

Marisol: “Javier in Frame” – Google Pixel

“Javier in Frame” by Google, voiced by Stevie Wonder, emerged as a standout in the storytelling commercials of Super Bowl 58. The narrative centered around a blind man who captures moments of his life with his girlfriend.

The Guided Frame accessibility feature, powered by Google AI, allowed him to capture life’s key events. With audio cues, it informs the user of how many people are in the frame, allowing him to capture birthdays, football games, marathons, and the arrival of their newborn.

Director Adam Morse, a filmmaker who is also blind, perfectly displayed the major step forward in accessibility by putting viewers in the perspective of a blind individual and how they can utilize this new technology.

In the behind the scenes, Adam Morse came up with the idea of using petroleum jelly on the lens to give viewers an idea of the limited sight some individuals with visual disabilities may have. Imagine the frustration of someone who is partially sighted or blind wanting to capture a special moment, only for them to find out they missed the frame.

Guided Frame notifies the user of how many objects are in the frame and provides directions for minor adjustments to center the shot, ensuring their precious moment is picture-perfect.

This commercial reflects a much wider trend in technology, it is evolving to become more inclusive to everyone. From screen readers for the visually impaired to voice-activated software for those with limited mobility. There has been an increasing recognition of the need for accessible solutions.

While significant progress has been made, accessibility remains an ongoing challenge. There are still gaps that exist in technology development, affordability, and awareness. Commercials like “Javier in Frame” by Google are advocating for a future where technology empowers everyone, regardless of their abilities.

Sam: “Can’t B Broken” – Beyonce Tries to Break Verizon’s 5G Network

Tony Hale and Beyonce partnered with Verizon to promote their 5G services during the Super Bowl, claiming nothing could break their network.

Throughout the commercial, Beyonce attempts to break Verizon’s 5G network by hosting a lemonade stand, releasing a Barbie called Bar-Bey, and even becoming the first woman to launch a rocket and perform in space! 

The Verizon ad ends with Beyonce breaking the internet again when she says, “Okay they ready, drop the new music.”

Fans of Beyonce were curious and excited so they rushed to social media and streaming platforms.

Strategically planned, Beyonce dropped two singles during the Super Bowl, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages” while teasing the release date of her long-awaited album.

Verizon’s commercial was very pop-culture-focused and trendy with references made to Barbie, the 2024 presidential election, AI, Las Vegas Sphere, and more. This allowed Verizon to connect with a younger audience. 

Both Beyonce and Verizon perfectly executed this partnership and showed the world how successful partnerships can be.

Beyonce was able to put herself in the spotlight by promoting her prior musical work while simultaneously announcing two new singles and an album coming in March, while Verizon is currently riding on the new album hype while adding relevancy to the brand.

Alex: Messi in Michelob Ultra’s “Superior Beach”

Michelob Ultra won over the hearts of soccer fans this year (also known as football fans to non-Americans) with their Super Bowl commercial starring not just the G.O.A.T. of soccer himself, but also Ted Lasso, aka Jason Sudeikis, and Dan “The Man” Marino.

For non-soccer fans, this commercial might be easy to overlook. The commercial features Lionel Messi, and two friends walking up to a beachside bar. Without saying a word, Messi points to the Michelob Ultra and requests a beer. The bartender pours a beer for each of Messi’s friends, and then when she gets to the third pour, tragedy strikes. As the bartender fills Messi’s glass, the beer tap sputters and runs out.

Messi then politely declines the bartender’s offer for a different beer and turns around toward the beach to kill some time and wait for his Michelob Ultra right as a soccer ball bounces to his feet. The rest of the commercial showcases Messi’s beachside ‘footy’ skills while we see Jason Sudeikis sipping a beer and Dan Marino throwing the soccer ball to Messi from his boat.

For those who are unfamiliar, Jason Sudeikis plays a character named Ted Lasso in a show on Apple TV+. The premise is an American Football coach gets hired to coach an English Premier League football (soccer) team, making this the perfect character to tie this commercial together!

The message in this commercial is clear: the best beer in the world for the best player in the world. But, beyond that, Michelob Ultra’s commercial capitalized on one of the most lucrative American sports deals in history and showcased the unity between American television, football, and soccer.

At a time when US soccer culture is often portrayed negatively, Michelob Ultra positioned itself to be the brand connecting soccer in America to the rest of the world. The timing of this partnership is no coincidence either, considering the USA will host the World Cup in 2026.

Aired during the most expensive broadcast for advertisers in the world, Michelob Ultra has taken a step toward being synonymous with the United States soccer scene as the 2026 World Cup begins to spark interest.

Sammy: BMW Christopher Walken “Talkin Like Walken”

This year’s BMW ad focused on Christopher Walken and how many people imitate his iconic dialect and distinct speaking style.

Throughout the commercial, Walken encounters many impersonators attempting to mimic his speech pattern. From going on a walk with his dog, tailoring a suit, to even ordering a coffee from a barista, Walken can’t help but run into fans who try their best to “talk like Walken”.

However, during the 60-second ad space, Walken seems to enjoy these moments. Sure, he’s slightly irritated with some encounters more than others. However, all of these moments bring a smile to the corner of Walken’s mouth.

His approachable and down-to-earth nature is what makes him relatable, so it’s no surprise people want to imitate his unique accent.

Walken recently gained meme status across social media back in October of 2023 when his unusual 2003 Saturday Night Live introduction for the boy band Foo Fighters randomly gained internet attraction.

From the moment this unique introduction recircled the internet, fans went crazy for it. And instead of becoming annoyed with the impersonators or storming to his fan base and complaining, he embraced it through this ad. That’s why this commercial is so iconic.

It’s clever, creative, relevant, and honestly hilarious. The actors they chose to impersonate Walken are so spot on, making the ad even more enjoyable to watch.

Including other celebrities in this Super Bowl ad like Usher and ‘Emily in Paris’ star Ashley Park added a nice touch to the commercial, showcasing how Walken’s influence extends beyond just being an actor.

No matter how many people throughout his day come up to him and literally impersonate him to his face, he will always be unique with BMW.

“There’s only one Christopher Walken and only one driving machine. The rest are just temptations.”

This Year’s Super Bowl Ads Did Not Disappoint

Super Bowl LVIII commercials were celebrity-packed this year featuring some of our favorites like Ice Spice, Jelly Roll, Tom Brady, and even a Friends reunion between Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer for Uber Eats!

Aside from the celebrities, the Super Bowl commercials featured well-known brands like Mountain Dew and Bud Light, who always deliver top-notch ads.

Since the big game went into overtime, the playing field for ad space expanded, giving companies a chance to showcase their creativity and humor in a longer time slot.

The 2024 Super Bowl commercials did not disappoint and our team can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the best and worst Super Bowl commercials!

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