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Maximizing Your Potential: A Beginner’s Guide to Using Jasper AI (2023)

Jasper uses OpenAI’s GPT AI model to produce copy for its users in a much more organized and structured format. Jasper can generate anything from long-form blog posts and marketing copy to social media posts in seconds.

After a ton of research and testing, we have determined that Jasper is one of the best AI writers on the market. Jasper AI is best for marketers and freelance writers who are routinely generating a ton of content. Hopefully, this Jasper AI review and in-depth guide will help our readers get their creative juices flowing and kick-start their content creation process!

Introduction to the Jasper AI Dashboard 

One of the nice things about Jasper is the simplicity of their dashboard. In May 2023, Jasper updated their dashboard and added new features like Brand Voice. The new Jasper dashboard makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for in a timely manner. Let’s dive into the Jasper AI dashboard!

the jasper ai dashboard is simple and easy to navigate
Jasper AI Dashboard Layout


Once logged into the account, users are greeted with the dashboard which shows recent work and tools that are most used. Users are also able to download the Jasper Chrome Extension on the main dashboard.


The Campaigns section in Jasper is a great way to help users stay organized. For users who create content for multiple companies or marketers who manage multiple campaigns simultaneously, this is a great feature of Jasper. 

Recent Content 

The Recent Content section in Jasper’s dashboard shows the most recent documents the user was working on. This helps speed up the process of trying to find where users last left off. 

Your Content 

This section is where content that the user creates lives. The content here is only visible to the user and is not accessible by other team members on the account. No shared content is housed here.

Brand Voice 

Jasper AI launched its Brand Voice feature on May 2nd, 2023 and it’s awesome! For those who are unfamiliar with what a brand voice is, a brand voice is the personality of your brand, it guides what the company says and how it is said.

Adding a Brand Voice to your Jasper account is simple! Simply head to the Brand Voice section and start with the voices. Add your website or upload text for Jasper to analyze the tone of voice and style of writing. Jasper will pull the tones and trends in that text which you can then modify and save. 

Memories are another aspect of the Brand Voice feature. These memories are snippets of information that users can add to their voice profile to add context for Jasper when it is writing content using that preset tone of voice. 

  • Company Info
  • Product Info
  • People Info 
  • Industry Info
  • Target Customer
  • Competitors 
  • SEO Keywords

The goal of Jasper’s Brand Voice feature is to ensure that the AI-generated content sounds cohesive, matches your already written content, and stays true to your brand. When generating text in any template or chat, users can select their preset voice in the tone of voice section. Jasper AI also allows users to make the tone of voice created the default for any text generated across the platform. 

jasper ai offers an ai tool called brand voice to help you make an accurate blog post that reflects your brand
Jasper Brand Voice Setup

Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat is like a version of a ChatGPT. The Chat allows users to ask questions or command Jasper to generate a piece of text. Users are allowed to add their brand voice here and choose if they want Jasper to search Google when responding. If Jasper uses Google, the information will be current and provide a few resources as to where Jasper pulled the content from.


Favorites are a great feature of Jasper’s dashboard because it allows users to save their favorite templates or campaigns to the main sidebar so they are easily accessible. 

How To Write a Blog in Jasper: Let’s Create a Long-Form Content Piece Together!

To help understand how Jasper works, this section of the article will focus on the steps taken to write a long-form blog post on the topic of AI image generation. To start, head to the top of the dashboard and click “create new content” and open a blank document. 

Once the document is open, there are four different writing modes that users can switch between while they are in the document. Let’s take a look at each mode and the benefits each offers during the writing process.

Focus Mode

Focus Mode lets users write in a simple interface similar to working on a blank page in Google Docs or Word. Here users can start writing freely. We used Focus Mode to develop the blog title and intro paragraph in our AI image generation blog example.

This is a great space to utilize prompts (this is how the title and intro paragraph were generated). Prompts are basically instructions that you type to tell Jasper what you want written. Simply type your request and click “ctrl + enter” and Jasper will write what you requested. If users need help generating a strong prompt, Notion provides a helpful tool that gives over 500 different prompt examples!

ai tools for generating long form content
Titles and Introduction Paragraph Generated in Focus Mode

Chat Mode 

When creating written content in Jasper, users can enter Chat Mode. This mode splits the screen so you’re able to view and edit the document while using Jasper Chat to help answer questions or generate short content. As an example, we asked Jasper in the Chat to generate a sub-header for the blog title.

the jasper ai app offers a chat
Jasper Chat Mode

SEO Mode

If users have Surfer SEO, they can link their Surfer account with their Jasper AI account and utilize the SEO Mode. With this mode, rather than copying your written content over to Surfer SEO, you can optimize your content directly in Jasper and continue writing while keeping an eye on the content score and keywords that need to be included. 

jasper ai offers an seo ai assistant
Optimize Your Content With Surfer SEO in Jasper SEO Mode

Power Mode

Power Mode is possibly one of the best parts of Jasper. This mode allows users to view and edit their documents while working with any of the 50+ templates that Jasper AI offers. Users can copy and paste this generated content into their document and further tweak it. 

In our AI image generation blog, we used the Blog Outline and Paragraph Generator templates to create our H2s and the paragraphs for each section. 

create content in jasper ai power mode
Blog Outline and Paragraphs Generated in Power Mode

Using Modes Together

Each mode in Jasper has a different use case. Not all modes have to be used in order to create high-quality content. Take the time and learn which modes fit your workflow best.

Not all of the content that Jasper generates will fit what you want, it may be too short or too long. For example, we eliminated two of the points in the blog outline that Jasper generated because it wasn’t what we wanted the blog to mention. Think of Jasper as an AI writing assistant!

Popular Jasper AI Templates

Jasper offers over 50 different templates that users can access. There are templates for social media posts, TikTok video scripts, Google Ads headlines, product descriptions, and even email subject lines and blog post topic ideas! Time to take a look at the more popular templates that Jasper users love. 

  • AIDA Framework Template: This template is great for generating short content that follows the traditional AIDA framework (attention, interest, desire, action).
  • Content Improver Template: With this template, users can take a piece of content that is already written and revamp it to make it more clear, interesting, or engaging, or even change the tone of the copy. 
  • Explain it to a Child Template: If users are writing complex copy that is hard to understand to the average person, this template is great. Simply paste your written content into the input and choose what grade level you want it to read at. 
  • Paragraph Generator Template: The Paragraph Generator is great for generating a paragraph about anything you want. This template is often used to create blog posts. All Jasper needs to know is what the paragraph is about, any keywords needed, and the tone of voice!
jasper ai templates help generate content for social media posts and ad copy
Three Popular Templates in Jasper

Other Features of Jasper AI

Not only is Jasper an AI tool for writing, but they also offer a ton of other features that make the tool worth it. 

Art AI Generation

Jasper offers an AI image generator within their platform. To access the Jasper art generator, head to the “create new content” section on the dashboard. Like all other AI text-to-image generators, you will need a strong prompt. Luckily, Jasper offers pre-generated options you can add to your image like oil paint medium style or photography inspired by Andy Warhol. Jasper also offers 10 templates that customers can use to assist in the image creation process and tons of YouTube tutorial videos on how to use their image generator.

jasper ai offers an ai tool for text-to-image generation
Jasper AI Art Generator Examples


Jasper offers integrations and options within their platform to help advance your written copy. 

  • Surfer SEO 
  • Grammarly
  • Google Chrome Extension
  • Copyscape Plagiarism Checker (additional cost)

Integrations are great features of AI tools because they can speed up workflow and eliminate the need to bounce back and forth between websites. We personally love the Surfer SEO integration, which no other AI writing tools offer.

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper is not a free AI text generation tool. Each plan comes with a seven-day free trial, so users can test it out before the monthly or yearly costs hit. There is no longer a word limit per plan, each of their plans come with unlimited word generation. Jasper allows potential users to compare plans and start a free trial to see which is the best fit!

  • Creator: This basic plan is $49 a month or $39 a month for a year upfront.
  • Teams: This small team plan priorly known as ‘Boss Mode’ is $125 a month or $99 a month for a year upfront.
  • Business: There is no cost listed, users will need to request a quote to get as this plan is for larger companies and teams of people who need a ton of advanced features like unlimited Brand Voices, and 10+ team members on one account. 
jasper ai pricing structure
Monthly Plans With a Year Contract

So is Jasper AI Worth it?

The answer is yes. We at Rescue Marketing have generated over 40,000 words in the last month and can say that Jasper is definitely worth it. Jasper is a great AI writing tool that has proven reliable and can generate AI content that is great. Although it can be more expensive than other tools, at the end of the day it is worth the cost if you utilize it a ton. With AI evolving every day, keep an eye out for other advanced tools that pop up in Jasper.

It is super important to note that AI writers are not a replacement for human writers as the content produced could be misspelled, plagiarized, or even not-factual. When using an AI tool, always check for accuracy and give it a human feel by editing, fact-checking, and rewriting some of the sentences that seem robotic. 

Want to learn more about AI? Check out our artificial intelligence blogs to stay up to date with the current trends and technologies!

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