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Exploring the Possibilities of Canva AI Tools for Design and Creativity (2023)

As marketers and content creators, we’re all looking for new ways to make our brand stand out from the competition. AI-powered design tools such as Canva are revolutionizing the way brands create visual content, empowering our creativity with easy-to-use technology that helps us better reach our audiences.

We explored Canva AI tools, so you can unlock your creative potential and secure a competitive edge for your business.

Magic AI-Powered Design Tools

Within the past year, Canva users have seen an impressive amount of improvement with the software. In 2022 they released their suite of artificial intelligence tools. Some tools are currently still in beta but we took a dive to show you how you can leverage them for your brand or client.

Magic Write

Canva Magic Write is an AI-enabled writing assistant within the software that can generate copy for social media posts, blogs, presentations, websites, and more. It will generate sentences, paragraphs, lists, and outlines based on the prompt that is written.

Magic Write can be used in a Canva Doc or in any other design project to generate a text prompt.

Magic Write in Doc

Generating copy in your Document:

  1. Create or open an existing Document from your dashboard.
  2. Click Canva’s (+) Add Magic icon or you can use the shortcut, press /, to open the Canva Assistant
  3. Find Magic Write from the list.
  4. Type the text prompt you would like to have generated.
  5. Press Enter.
canva magic write ai tool in designs
Magic Write in a design

Generating copy in your designs:

  1. Create or open an existing design from your dashboard.
  2. Locate Canva’s Assistant at the bottom right corner or you can use the shortcut, press /, to open it.
  3. Find Magic Write from the list.
  4. Type the text prompt you would like to have generated.
  5. Press Enter.

Canva Magic Write is perfect for quick short-form content for anyone who is stuck in writer’s block or needs assistance in generating copy and captions or strategies for their clients.

It can be accessed while working on social media graphics, and infographics, or when creating a website with their website builder. While the tool may not be best suited for long-form content, it is a great feature for any marketer creating content with Canva AI tools.

Magic Edit

Transform and enhance your photos with Magic Edit! With this AI tool, you can simply brush over the area you want to modify and describe what you want to add. This can be used to remove distractions or add new elements in just a few clicks. The tool is still currently in Beta (as of June 2023) but it still works wonders.

Upload your image and select “Edit Photo” and you will be taken to the new Image Editing window! In your effects tab, you will see the Background Remover, Magic Eraser, and Magic Edit. Click on Magic Edit to begin!

magic edit ai for photos
Magic Edit editing window

Adjust the size of the brush and highlight the area or object you want to replace. Then write what you would like to add to the image. This is your chance to have fun and get your creative ideas flowing!

Users are allowed up to 25 edits per day. Four options are generated at once and you are allowed to regenerate the prompt. It is easier to try to generate an object that is in a similar shape to the object in the photo. For example, changing out an Apple Pencil to a paintbrush. 

Magic Eraser

How many times have you taken photos and realized afterward there was something (or someone) in the frame? We’re going to guess, lots of time! The situation is worse when they are for clients! But with Magic Eraser you can remove unwanted objects from photos.

magic eraser ai to remove unwanted objects in photos
Magic Eraser editing window

Here we have a team photo from one of our clients, the neon signage on the wall covers the brick wall but the Magic Eraser was able to remove the neon signage! This tool works great for a quick touch-up on photos to include in any social media posts, emails, or presentations.

Magic Design

Magic Design is an AI-powered tool that generates design templates from any media content you upload. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, this tool can be used for inspiration for your next content piece.

With eight templates to choose from, Magic Design is there to help users create their vision. With the Pro plans users can further refine, edit and resize the templates. 

magic design created designs from scratch
Magic Design templates

Ever stared at a blank deck for a client, not knowing how to start going about it or how you plan on designing it? Magic Design allows users to generate a presentation deck with AI. When creating a blank deck, head over to Canva’s Assistant and click on Magic Design to create a draft with AI. Describe what you want your presentation to be about and the AI will outline it for you with content. Select a design style, review the draft, and input your client’s data or information!

Docs to Decks

Have you ever meticulously crafted a document, only to be asked to transform it into an eye-catching presentation? Or perhaps you’re someone who prefers crafting content before diving into the visual aspects of a slideshow?

Canva’s Presentation tool, Docs to Decks, seamlessly converts your Canva Doc into an engaging presentation. Slides are organized using headings, ensuring that any content added to the Doc is smoothly integrated into the presentation. Click “Convert” on the top right side of the menu bar, choose a style and you’ll have your presentation within seconds!

Docs to Decks is currently only available in presentations of (16:9) format.

Text to Image

With Canva’s user-friendly text-to-image generator, anyone can create stunning visuals and graphics with ease with their range of style types and aspect ratios including square, landscape, or portrait.

ai powered image generator
Canva Text-to-Image

Canva’s text-to-image is powered by Stable Diffusion, an open-source text-to-image model, but with some added safety measures.

To get started, pop open the text-to-image app from its App section (on the left side of the editor window), find it under “Create something new” or use the search bar!

Write out your prompt, select your style and you’ll have your images generated within a few seconds!

artificial intelligence image generator from text prompt
Canva Text-to-Image Prompt and Styles

Whether you’re a marketer or a creator, Canva’s text-to-image generator is the perfect solution for enhancing your visual content. One of the best parts? The tool is available for free and gives you the ability to generate up to 100 images per day, that is 25 prompts!

Beat Sync

Beat Sync is a tool that matches the rhythm of your background music to your clips, footage, and assets. This guarantees that the music is synchronized and the videos are cohesive.

Use Canva’s stock music library to add intriguing audio to your videos, or submit your own. To easily sync audio and video, click on your audio and then find Beat Sync at the top of the editing window and toggle it on.

You can also change the volume, trim the audio, and apply fading effects. You’ll be able to make engaging videos using Beat Sync that will attract your audience and leave a lasting impression.


Another great tool that has been added is the Translation tool, if marketers or creators need to have content created in a different language for a company, this is a time saver! On the side panel, access the Translate App from the Apps or use the search bar to access it.

translation ai features
Canva Translation tool

Once the design is translated, it is added as a separate page from the first language. Additional settings in the translation tool allow for the text to be reduced in size to fit the design and automatically match the text reading direction based on the language.

design translated to spanish using ai
Canva Design translated into Spanish

Users can translate their copy from English into over 100 different available languages. The Translation tool is available in any design except the Docs. There is a 2000-character limit and the tool can only translate one page at a time and one language at a time.

Canva Assistant

Canva AI tools can be accessed while working on any project in the editor window. Just locate their Magic icon (a blue and purple sparkle icon) or use the shortcut, press /, and their AI assistant will pop up. Through here, users can access its features, which include design suggestions, layout recommendations, and image editing tools.

Canva Price Plans with AI Features

Canva has 3 different plans to choose from, each with its limitations on the Ai tools.

Plans include the following:

  • Canva Free: Text to image, Magic Design, Magic Edit, Magic Write (25-lifetime uses), Translate (50 pages total), and BeatSync (manually sync footage to the soundtrack).
  • Canva Pros: Text to image, Magic Design, Magic Edit, Magic Eraser, Magic Write (250 uses per month), Translate (500 pages per month), and BeatSync (automatically syncs footage to the soundtrack).
  • Canva for Teams: Text to image, Magic Design, Magic Edit, Magic Eraser, Magic Write (250 uses per month, per person), Translate (500 pages per month, per person), and BeatSync (automatically syncs footage to the soundtrack).

Canva also offers free plans for Teachers, Schools and Districts by going through a verification process. This is a great resource for teachers and students to explore their creativity with artificial intelligence tools.

Is It Worth It Using Canva’s AI Tools?

Canva is a powerful and versatile tool for creators, marketers, educators, and more. With their Brand Hub, you can keep all of your branding materials, such as logos, in one location. Its AI tools, such as Magic Design, Text to Image Generator, Beat Sync, Translation Tool, and Docs to Decks, help users quickly create great content.

Canvas’ range of capabilities will surely come in handy whether you are generating content for personal or professional use! So, if you’re searching for a simple all-in-one design tool, that includes AI tools, Canva is definitely worth it!

This blog post is not affiliated with Canva in any way; instead, it is intended to review the software and provide our own insights into its AI features. Creativity can be taken to a whole new level with the help of AI!

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