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Is Web Design Dead: The Best Ai Tools for Web Design In 2023 and Beyond

In May of 2023, WordPress turned 20 years old, a testament to the evolution of web development and web design.  It’s amazing to think about the advancements in design tools over this time period. However, with the latest developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, many have questioned the future of creative professionals like web designers. 

Today, there are already hundreds of AI tools tailored to support almost every creative industry! But can these AI design tools really replace human expertise? Rescue Marketing reviewed some of the best AI tools for web design tools to see what they can do.


Your Go-To AI Web Page Generator

Mixo is an AI-powered landing page builder. It allows you to create a landing page (and only a landing page) with a single prompt. Describe your start-up business and Mixo will generate a business name, copy, and include free stock images.

Mixo AI tools for landing pages
Mixo AI generated landing page

Pros & Cons


  • Add custom domain
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • All sites are SEO-ready
  • Mobile optimization: Designed to work across mobile, tablet, and desktop


  • Little to no customization on the layouts
  • No sub-pages can be created and nested under a navigation menu unless you create a new landing page and link it
  • Only two colors can be chosen for the site and the site’s background color stays white


Mixo has a straightforward and clean design layout. The layout would be the same for every new website generated. Mixo is great for businesses that are just starting and have no digital footprint.

It allows you to collect emails (and an unlimited amount), this is the best use case for businesses looking for users for a product or service or even bloggers who need a way to collect subscribers.

  • Ability to integrate Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
  • Integrate your Google Tag Manager into your websites to allow custom scripting
  • All websites are fully secured with an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, a security protocol that ensures the data sent between a user’s browser and a website’s server is encrypted and protected.

While there are limitations in terms of customization and not being able to create sub-pages, the simplicity, and security of Mixo make it a reliable choice for startups. It is a quick and efficient solution for startups and bloggers to easily create landing pages. The mobile responsiveness and SEO-readiness of the site are great for businesses that need a very quick site to build their online presence. We also can’t forget the ability to integrate Google Analytics!

Gamma App

An All in One AI Design Tool

Gamma App can generate documents, presentations, and web pages with a single prompt. For this review, we’ll focus on generating a web page (also called a deck)! After writing your prompt, it allows you to preview the headings it generated and make adjustments if needed.

Next step, you pick your theme.

Gamma App ai design tools for web design projects
Gamma App AI generated landing page

Pros & Cons


  • Add custom fonts
  • Built-in templates and customizable themes
  • Variety of card layouts to choose from to add to your site or swap design


  • The domain name can not be changed
  • Images can not be repositioned, nor can they be resized, the same goes for icons
  • The website is previewed as a deck, and the table of contents will show (based on your headings) on the side as your navigation menu


Credits are used for AI-generated content in Gamma. Publish your web page and anyone with the link would be able to view it as a “read-only” version of your deck.

  • AI Assistant to help with the design
  • Built-in analytics to measure views and engagement

While there are some downsides, like the inability to change your domain name, Gamma App is a great option for anyone looking to quickly and easily create a visually appealing web page with minimal effort. But, always remember to review any AI-written content! The copy generated for a test page was pretty close to what our clients do but it’s always best to have another human review it!


Easy-to-Use AI Web Design Tool

Durable is a website builder that can generate a website with images and copy. Enter your business name, industry, and location, and Durable’s AI will generate a website for you.

Durable ai website builder
Durable generated landing page

Pros & Cons


  • Ability to create a sub-page to the site and add it to your header
  • Mobile optimization: Designed to work across mobile, tablet, and desktop


  • The website theme can not be changed
  • Very few block design options, and can not be changed after it is generated
  • Content is automatically generated for you without a prompt when using the AI, even when you want to add a new section


Durable includes hosting, custom domain names, search engine optimization, and analytics. You are able to generate ads, social media posts, and emails with their AI assistant.

  • Google Ad writer
  • AI Assistant to help with tasks
  • Built-in customer relationship management and invoice management

Durable is another convenient website builder that can help businesses quickly establish an online presence. Its mobile responsiveness and inclusion of hosting, custom domain names, CRM, and marketing features make it a great tool for those looking to expand their digital marketing efforts. However, the lack of customization with website themes and block designs may not be suitable for those looking for more creative control.


Your Best AI Website Builder and Web Development Platform

10Web is an AI-powered WordPress platform that allows you to generate websites with AI and recreate web pages with AI!

Add your business name, the type of business you are, and your services/features, include a description of your business and add your tone of voice (formal or informal). Select a template, wait a few moments and 10Web will generate your new website!

Want to recreate a web page? Copy the URL, paste it to 10Web, and let it do its magic. The layout, images, and text will all be copied over!

10Web ai website builder and web development ai tool with image processing
10Web AI-generated website

Pros & Cons


  • AI-generated images
  • Allows custom domain change
  • Elementor-based website editor
  • Generates subpages such as Service, About, and Contact page
  • Mobile optimization: designed to work across mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Offers more customization options with premium widgets like WooCommerce widgets, Flip box, Count down, Pricing table, and Call to Action
  • Free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), a security protocol that ensures the data sent between a user’s browser and a website’s server is encrypted and protected


  • AI Builder only has 3 templates
  • Limited visitors based on the plan
  • Only works on WordPress (but is that really a con?)
  • Some AI-generated content was not relevant to the business
  • Limited amount of AI website generations per month, varies by plan
  • Personal: 5 websites
  • Premium: 10 websites
  • Agency: 30 websites


10Web’s AI-powered WordPress platform is great for those that are looking to scale their business. The Elementor-based editor, a drag-and-drop, no-code WordPress theme builder, makes it easy for anyone to create a site. 10Web generates the copy based on the information given about the business (but again, always remember to review AI written content!) and even generates images.

  • AI Assistant
  • Staging site
  • Website backups
  • WordPress plugins
  • PageSpeed Booster
  • Search engine optimization
  • Image optimizer converts images to WebP
  • Fully automated hosting for WordPress by Google Cloud
  • Monitor websites for security breaches, malware detection, and more

They offer pre-made pages such as Services/Products, Portfolio, Menu, Gallery, FAQ, Contact Us, Blog, and About. 10Web has a more polished look and feel than the rest. If you have a website that you want to transfer to WordPress, 10Web can replicate the design and text of your current site with just the URL (max of 5 pages at once).

With the ability to do WordPress hosting, provide a staging site, and conduct backups, 10Web is a full website management solution and AI website builder. Although there is a limited amount of building templates with the AI builder, having a WordPress platform definitely makes up for it. Who wouldn’t want to be part of the 65% of websites on the internet that use WordPress?

Stay tuned for a detailed guide on 10Web and learn how it can help you transfer your site to WordPress!

The Future of Web Designers and AI Tools

While these AI design tools have their pros and cons, they are, without a doubt a valuable asset for web designers. They help to facilitate a better workflow during the design process, creating visually appealing websites, and allowing web designers to deliver projects in a timely manner.

Remember this: these tools are not a substitute for a skilled designer’s creativity and expertise. There are many factors to consider in the design process: a thorough understanding of the target audience, the brand identity, and the website’s purpose, an effective content strategy, and performance of the website.

The best web designers use these tools to enhance their work and achieve exceptional results,  keeping the end-users interests in mind.

It is important to note that our reviews of these website AI tools are unbiased and not sponsored by any company. Our aim is simply to inform web designers with the knowledge of these tools, enabling them to make informed decisions in their web design and web development journey.

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