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The Future of Writing: Best AI Text Generators for 2023 and Beyond

Artificial intelligence is taking over the marketing world. Whether you need text generation for a new website, high-quality content for your email campaigns, or even a free AI writer to help create marketing copy once a month – there is an AI writer for you.

Luckily, we have done the research and compiled a list of the best AI text generators to create content!


The Best AI Text Generator

Jasper AI is one of the most popular AI writing tools on the market right now. Their AI writing tool is great at generating marketing copy like product descriptions, TikTok video captions, and even long-form content like blogs!

text generation with Jasper power mode
Generating Paragraphs in Jasper’s Power Mode

Pros & Cons


  • Integrated with Surfer SEO and Grammarly
  • Ability to organize your content via campaigns/clients
  • Jasper Commands: A typed command that Jasper will read and respond to. Ex: “Write five titles for a blog post about why humans should eat healthy”
  • Four different modes for content creation in documents (users can alternate through them as they write)
  • Chat – Brings up the AI chatbot as you write
  • Power – Brings up all the templates you can use while constructing a document
  • Focus – Simple layout that allows users to write and use commands as if on a Google Doc
  • SEO – Shows Surfer SEO so you can check your content score and keywords as you generate content


  • The built-in plagiarism checker is an additional cost
  • Can be expensive for smaller companies or individuals based on the plan needed
  • Jasper can be difficult at first until you get the hang of it, luckily Jasper provides a shortcut guide to help users.


With 74 different templates for creating content, Jasper is great at assisting in writing anything from a long-form blog to ad copy and titles for Google or Facebook Ads. Like all AI writers, editing and fact-checking are required to ensure the content is accurate and has a human feel to it.

The Brand Voice feature allows users to add business information like product info, industry info, and target audience or even have Jasper analyze your website to learn how you and your brand sound. Users can use this saved information in the tone section when generating content to make the content sound cohesive.

Jasper also has their own AI art generator that is pretty decent! They have pre-defined additions to add to your image prompt (mood, medium, inspiration, style, keywords, language) and templates to assist in the art creation.

Overall, Jasper is a great AI writer that we recommend for businesses that are looking to accelerate their copy creation and editing process time!

Best Free AI Content Generator is one of the more popular AI writing generators on the market right now. This tool is great at writing short-form content and is a cost-effective option for those looking for an affordable AI content generator.

free ai writer to produce content for websites and social media Instagram Caption Generations

Pros & Cons


  • Cost-effective (monthly free plan)
  • User-friendly interface, simplistic layout
  • Variety of templates and tools (45 templates, 100 tools)
  • Best for shorter-form content and more general topics ex: social media posts, landing page copy, and email subjects, and even can generate content ideas and blog outlines to help with writer’s block.


  • Long-form content is not there yet
  • Limited tones of voices to choose from
  • Does not have any integrations like Surfer SEO or Grammarly
  • Lacks in-depth detail compared to Jasper, all generations will need some human edits

Features: is a great cost-effective alternative to Jasper. This AI text generator has many great features like its own chat, tons of resources for people new to the platform, and multiple generations per prompt you request.

Another cool feature of is its Infobase. Infobase is a tool where users can input all of their business information. You can indicate to the AI writer that you want to use your Business Infobase by simply adding a hashtag with the name of your Infobase and it will generate content using the tone, mood, keywords, business name, etc. to keep all your AI-generated content consistent.

Overall we recommend as a more affordable AI writing tool for users who are looking to get the best AI text generator, next to Jasper.


Up and Coming AI Writing Tool

WriteSonic is an AI content generator that also features its own AI chat and image generator! This tool has a ton of potential and we can see it growing in the next year.

writesonic offers text generation api and other features
WriteSonic Paragraph Generator

Pros & Cons


  • Generates some pretty decent content
  • Nice platform organization and easy to use interface
  • Up-to-date information, WriteSonic is the only AI text writer that pulls and searches Google directly when they generate text


  • Only nine tones of voice to choose from
  • Need to check the content for AI generation and plagiarism before publishing
  • Content needs slight edits or adjustments to ensure the information is correct


WriteSonic is a great AI writing generator that pulls information from Google making all the information in your copy up-to-date and accurate. Not only does WriteSonic generate written copy, but they also have additional AI tools built into their platform.

  • AI image generator
  • AI chat similar to ChatGPT
  • BotSonic – an AI tool to build non-coded chatbots for your website

With all these additional features and a lower cost compared to other platforms, WriteSonic is an up-and-coming content creation tool with great potential. Just make sure you double-check for plagiarism and fact-check like you should with any AI-generated text!

Content at Scale

Innovative Tool for Long-Form Content

Content at Scale is an AI writing tool whose focus is long-form content. It features an intuitive dashboard, making it very easy to pick up.

Each article takes roughly 10 minutes to generate and is search engine optimized, features links, and can bypass most AI content detection. Like any AI-written content, it will need some editing, but Content at Scale provides a solid foundation.

content at scale ai generated content
Content at Scale project post

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Already search engine optimized
  • Can bypass most AI content detection
  • Can write several different types of content, not just informational


  • No auto-generated images
  • No short-form content options
  • No option to input brand voice


Content at Scale comes packed with several convenient features, such as a WordPress plugin for quick publishing and built-in AI-content detection to ensure that the content you’re receiving is up to standards.

The dashboard is also broken up into different steps, such as “drafting” and “published”, making it very easy to follow.

However, Content at Scale lacks a feature to input brand voice. Some of the generated content can read as very predictable. This just goes to show how vital editing is! Regardless, this tool will save you a ton of time.

Canva Magic Write

AI Writer For Your Content Creation

Canva Magic Write is an AI-enabled writing assistant within the software that can generate copy for social media posts, blogs, presentations, websites, and more. It will generate sentences, paragraphs, lists, and outlines based on the prompt that is written.

Canva text generator for content creation and marketing copy
Canva Magic Write Ad Titles Example

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to navigate
  • Available in Canva’s free plan
  • Can generate text in multiple languages
  • Available within different tools in Canva


  • Only uses data and information up to mid-2021
  • 25 lifetime Magic Write uses for Canva Free users
  • Does not take previously written content into consideration
  • Prompt input limit of 1500-words and roughly 2000-word output limit
  • 250 Magic Write uses each billing month for Canva Pro, Canva for Teams, Canva for Nonprofits, or Canva for Education Admin and Teachers


Canva Magic Write is perfect for quick short-form content for anyone stuck in writer’s block or needing assistance generating copy and captions for clients in different industries. Canva Magic Write can be accessed while working on social media graphics, infographics, or creating a website with their builder.

While the tool may not be best suited for long-form content, it is a great AI writer assistant for any creator just starting their creative career. If you’re looking for another way to boost your creativity, our team reviewed the best AI image generators for 2023, including Canva’s text-to-image!

Beat Your Writer’s Block Today With an AI Text Generator!

AI text and content generators are great tools that all marketers should be using, even if it is just for brainstorming new ideas or blog titles. We always recommend that anything AI generated be reviewed and edited. No matter the tool, there may be spelling and grammar errors, plagiarized content, or inaccurate information.

Rescue Marketing is not affiliated with any of these platforms, we think they are great and can provide a ton of value to your content creation process. Check out our other reviews on AI tools here!

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