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The Future of Video Production: Best AI Video Generators for 2023 and Beyond

Creating video content is essential for every brand in 2023, however, from brainstorming ideas to filming and editing, it can be a time-consuming process. That’s where AI video creation tools come in handy.

These innovative programs make it possible to turn your ideas into finalized videos in a matter of minutes, rather than hours or days! By saving time on the creation process, you can focus more time on other important aspects of content creation, like strategizing and marketing.

In this article, we’ll review the top AI video creation tools making an impact on the video industry today.

D-ID Creative Reality

Animate Your Videos With Text-to-Audio AI Generation

D-ID Creative Reality is an AI video generator that allows users to make a human speak in an image using text-to-audio AI generation.

Users can upload their own voice or use pre-generated voices to make their subjects speak in a photo, bringing the image to life! This tool is great, but it still needs some time to reach its full potential.

create videos for your youtube channel and social media platforms with this ai video generator
D-ID Creative Reality Test Video and Interface

Pros & Cons


  • Super easy interface to use
  • Upload your own voice or use their auto-generated voices
  • Multiple image options (upload your own, pre-generated, or AI text to image)


  • Cannot use animals
  • Pre-generated voices can be robotic
  • 3875 character (600-700 words) limit per video
  • Sometimes the audio doesn’t line up with the mouth
  • Cannot be used commercially unless you have the pro-plan
  • When there are multiple people in an image, users cannot select which person they want to talk, D-ID will choose which one to add the audio too
  • Some images don’t work, you have to use one credit to generate a video and it may not work (mouth doesn’t move with words, the movement is in the chin rather than the mouth, etc.) so you spend credits quickly


A few features that D-ID Creative Reality offers are integration with other platforms like Canva, ChatGPT, and My Heritage. Users can add tones and moods to the pre-generated voices and even generate their own AI image in the platform to use in their videos.

Aside from generating an AI image in their platform, users can upload their own image or use a pre-generated image provided by D-ID.

D-ID has a ton of potential but could still use some advancements with their pre-generated voices and animation of human images as it is not quite as realistic as some of their competitors.


Music Video Generator

Kaiber is an AI video generator that takes images, text, sound, and video and creates animated visuals based on the prompt written.

The prompt is structured as “I want to create a video of (select a subject) in the style of (select a style).”

You can select a subject and style created by Kaiber or you can write your own. Credits are used for Kaiber’s AI-generated videos.

Kaiber AI video maker for music video creation
Kaiber AI Video Generator Dashboard

Pros & Cons


  • Credits never expire
  • Adjust the duration of your video
  • Image-to-video: 10s max
  • Video-to-video: 1-minute max
  • Control the scale of evolution, lower = more stable, higher = more wild


  • Can not make edits to the generated videos
  • Credits are used to upscale video to 1080p and 4K
  • Credit usage depends on the type of content you choose to start with
  • Image: One second = one credit
  • Video: One second = five credits
  • Audio: One second = one credit (max 4 minutes)


Kaiber will generate new illustrated content based on your prompt input and style. The generated videos will show the subject evolving into the written prompt within the duration and camera movement selected.

The company officially came out of beta on May 23, 2023, with new features and an upgraded user interface. New features include storyboarding, a prompt-to-prompt video editing framework where users can write out more than one prompt and AI will generate a video based on the prompts.

  • Storyboarding
  • Upscale to 1080p or 4k
  • The aspect ratio can be changed
  • Gallery to view other Kaiber creators’ work
  • Ability to adjust camera movement direction such as: Zoom In, Zoom Out, Rotate Clockwise, Rotate Counter-Clockwise, Up, Down, Left, Right, Static

With a very detailed prompt, Kaiber can take an image of a person in a cape and transform it into a superhero in space. Kaiber can be a great video creation tool to generate clips for a music video or an intro/outro for a video! The rock band, Linkin Park, has made multiple music videos using Kaiber Studio, creating amazing visuals for their song, Massive.


An All-in-One Tool for Faster Video Editing

Runway is an entirely AI-powered creative suite that can easily edit and generate videos. The software offers a wide variety of video editing tools such as AI masking, an AI video generator, and the ability to make any footage slow motion using AI.

This platform has the potential to significantly reduce the labor and time required in the video editing process. However, with such a large offering of tools, many suffer from imperfections and require further development.

creating videos for your youtube channel and social media platforms with ai video generator
Runway Video Editing Dashboard

Pros & Cons


  • Some audio tools available
  • Background noise remover
  • Silence remover
  • Transcript creator
  • Subtitle generator
  • In-browser video editing tools
  • Lots of training videos for AI video tools
  • Easy subject masking for simple video shots
  • Leader in generative video with Runway Gen-2
  • The ability to create slow-motion videos at any framerate
  • Has a very simple background remover that can save time on masking
  • You can see an image preview within the AI video generator before generating


  • Relies on a credit-based system
  • Gen-1 AI has a hard time interpreting existing footage
  • Gen-1 AI video generator does not have temporally consistent video frames
  • Hard to adjust specific settings after AI generation
  • Gen-2 video can only generate four seconds of video


Runway can generate video using only text prompts, or a reference input if you want to stylize existing footage. It also enables you to mask a subject from the background and add a green screen, as well as remove simple objects from the frame.

Unfortunately, not all of these tools were created equal as whenever the AI has to interpret large amounts of footage in any given scene, it does a bad job at generating anything recognizable.

Runway Gen-2 is a powerful creative tool that can be used to generate videos for any project. Runway also has other useful video tools that make things like masking a subject in a video that would otherwise take hours, take only seconds instead.


A Powerful Text-Based Video Editor

Descript is the leading video editing software for text-based editing. The program uses AI to decode all speech into a text transcript and allows you to edit footage like a Word document. It also has many other useful built-in AI features.

creating videos for your youtube channel and social media platforms with ai video generator
Descript Video Editing Interface

Pros & Cons


  • Lots of built-in AI tools
  • Focused on creating tools for podcasters
  • Great collaboration tool built into software
  • Continuous innovation and software updates


  • Lacks in-depth editing tools
  • Paid subscription required for HD exporting
  • High competition from more established editing software


Descript is a podcast-focused video editing software. It uses AI to create a transcript of the audio in your video and then lets you use text to cut and edit scenes. Integrated into Descript are AI tools that make editing easy and efficient.

The most notable tools are the AI Background Remover, Studio Sound, and Eye Contact. Background Remover is a tool that lets you delete the background of any scene with a person as the subject. Studio Sound is a tool that removes the reverb and echoes from audio recordings. Lastly, Eye Contact is an experimental tool that points your eyes toward the camera even if you’re looking somewhere else.

On top of all these, Descript has a podcasting tool that allows users to record both cameras locally during online video calls to eliminate lag. Overall, Descript is a powerful yet simple editor with lots of AI features that simplify the video editing process.

Video Creation is Becoming Much More Accessible

AI video generators are revolutionizing the video creation industry by streamlining the entire video production process. This technology allows anyone to quickly create and easily generate engaging videos without the need for specialized skills or expensive equipment. By automating tedious tasks like editing and post-production, video creators can focus on more creative work.

While it’s clear that AI has a long way to go in its ability to generate quality videos, there’s no doubt that it is already speeding up the production process for everyone, whether they are professional video creators or casual editors for social media videos.

AI video generators have begun to open up new possibilities for video creation and are making filmmaking accessible to everyone regardless of their technical abilities.

While we’ve explored a range of video editing tools, our goal is to inform and empower you in making the best choice for your specific needs. We are not sponsored by any of these tools – our mission is to provide unbiased information to help you harness the power of video editing in your creative journey!

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