gmb everywhere chrome extension

GMB Everywhere Chrome Extension

The GMB Everywhere extension is a great local SEO tool that helps marketers analyze their competitors’ business categories on Google. This Google Chrome extension also allows users to run reports on a company’s Google Business Profile, local ranking on Google, Google reviews, and Google postings.

Install the GMB Everywhere Extension

To start, head over to the Google Chrome Web Store and download GMB Everywhere extension. The extension is free and easy to download. You will need to create a free account before you can begin running audits.

What Are Google Business Categories?

A category is essentially a tag that helps Google understand what your business does and who it serves. By selecting the right categories, your business has a greater chance of appearing on the search results pages when potential customers are searching for a service in the area.

Having access to which categories your competitors use is huge! Let’s break down the difference between primary and secondary categories.

Primary Business Categories

The primary category of a business is the most important, and it should describe the company’s main focus or service provided. A few examples are plumber, electrician, or general contractor. Google allows users only one primary category. The primary category when using GMB Everywhere is marked with a yellow star.

Secondary Business Categories

The secondary categories are more specific and are for adding any additional information or services that a company offers. A few examples are repair service, bathroom remodeler, or service establishment. Google allows users to select up to nine secondary categories.

primary business categories and secondary business categories
GMB Categories and Audits

Run Audits With GMB Everywhere

This extension allows users to run four different audits, each focusing on a different aspect of a company’s Google Business Profile. Users are able to run five free audits a month, if more are needed there is a paid version that gives unlimited monthly audits. Let’s take a look at each of the audits in depth!

Basic Audit Review

The basic audit in GMB Everywhere gives users all the information that is attached to a company’s Google Business Profile. This is a great audit to start with and shares key information about a company like their website, location, and CID (identification number for a specific business listing on Google). It also gives links to view their Google Business Profile, Google Maps, run reports on website speed and mobile friendliness and many more.

basic audit review tool in gmb everywhere
Basic Audit


The teleport report is great for viewing the companies Google Map business ranking. Users can type in a keyword and select a location on the map and GMB Everywhere runs a report ranking the top ten companies in that particular location who use that keyword. This allows marketers to back into their competitors and see what keywords they are using to rank in a specific geographic area.

chrome extension for analyzing other businesses ranking in the local finder
Teleport Feature

Review Audit

The review audit gives statistics on the reviews of a Google Business Profile. Some of the key statistics they give is the amount of reviews, number of reviews from local guides, and number of reviews with photos.

Another important part of the review audit is the review keyword analysis. This analysis shows the most popular keywords in the reviews and how many times each keyword was mentioned. This feature enables users to quickly observe both positive and negative keyword trends in their competitors’ reviews.

gmb everywhere review audit
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perform review audits on google business profiles
Keywords in Reviews

Post Audit

The post audit looks at the last 30 postings made by a business on their Google Business listing. These public postings are found on the “updates” tab on mobile and on the “from the owner” on desktop in the knowledge panel. Auditing posts is helpful to see how often, how long, or even how many images your competitors are using in their Google posts.

run google business post audits with gmb everywhere
Post Analysis Audit

Why Wait? Start Using GMB Everywhere Today!

GMB Everywhere is a great local SEO research tool marketers should utilize, especially when running competitor analysis on a Google Business Page. We are not affiliated or sponsored by GMB Everywhere, we simply believe that it is a useful tool.

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