gmb spy chrome extension

GMB Spy Chrome Extension

GMBspy is a Google Chrome extension that was made specifically to “spy” on your competitors. With this free and easy to install extension, users are able to perform a quick analysis on which categories their competitors are using on their Google Business Profile, also known as Google My Business (GMB).

Before we jump into GMBspy, head to the Google Chrome store and download the extension!

Importance of Google Business Profile Categories

Business categories help Google understand what your business does and what types of customers it serves. This helps improve your visibility in local search results. Knowing what primary and secondary categories you and your competitors are using is important, especially when trying to rank high on the Google search results page in a specific location.

Using GMB Spy with Google Maps

When using GMBspy, navigate to the Google Maps section of the search results, click on the business name, then launch the extension by clicking on GMBspy located in the puzzle piece button in the upper right hand corner of your browser. The extension offers two features: information on the company ‘selected’ and the ‘local pack’, both of which can be exported into an Excel file.

Business Profile

In Google Maps, when users search a term, the local businesses pop up. When you click on one of the businesses and launch the extension, the extension will show what GMB categories that company is using. It shows both the primary category and secondary categories that the business is using. This is great when looking at a specific competitor.

google maps gmbspy local search selected
Selected Company Categories

Local Pack

The local pack feature shows users the top three highest ranking businesses based on the location and the search query. Within these top three companies, it shows what the primary and secondary categories are for those businesses. This is a great feature to analyze competitor categories and to better your local search engine optimization.

primary categories and secondary gmb categories in local map pack results
Local Pack Primary and Secondary Categories

Final Thoughts

GMBspy is a great local SEO extension for marketers who are looking to rank high in Google local finder and choose the correct business categories for their company. This tool is great to spy on your competitors and their current categories. We love using this extension and are not affiliated with GMBspy in any way.

This extension is very similar to PlePer and GMB Everywhere which you can learn more about here!

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